Terms & Conditions

Terrarium Workshop

  • Slot for any workshops is confirmed upon payment only. Softbook of slots can be retrieved upon bookings from other parties.
  • Every 6 years old and above will be required to book a slot to enter the premise during workshop. 
  • For children under 6 years old, 1 parent is allowed to accompany the children for the workshop.
  • In any condition that participant is late for more than 30 minutes, they are to re-book their workshop slots based on future availability date at a charge of $10. This is to be fair to other participants that have put in the effort to attend the class on time.
  • In any condition that participant is unable to attend the workshop, he/she is to inform J2 Terrarium at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, the cost will be deemed as "purchased & redeemed". An extra charge of $10 will be applicable if the slots were to be booked on another date or sessions.
  • For ad-hoc booking of terrarium workshop slots, the slots will be confirmed upon payment. No refunds will be available upon confirmation unless case by case basis. Please contact J2 Terrarium if you would need a refund.


 J2 Terrarium has recently launched a "Recycle the Paper bag" campaign. A $2.00 discount will be provided for the next purchase or workshop if the returning customer returns the paper bag in good condition. 

  • Discounts are only applicable for basic terrarium workshop booked from J2 Terrarium website or through staffs directly. It will not be applicable for any discounted package from other portals.
  • Refunds will be made through cash on site at J2 Studio upon receiving the paper bag, in good condition.

Shipping Details

  • Delivery cost may applied based on locations. (based on availability)
  • Any unsuccessful delivery attempts will be deemed unrefundable unless pre-informed.

* Unfortunately, terrariums are unable to ship via courier or post due to its nature and its fragility. We wouldn’t want buyers to receive their terrariums in a mess upon arrival. We want our customers to get their terrarium with joy, and not disappointments!

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

We take all responsibilities in making sure we provide the best service to all our customers. Every terrariums and products will be checked and made sure that we deliver them in tip top conditions before our customers receive onto their hands.

     Unfortunately, there is only so much that we can do. We can only provide the best advices to assist customers in providing the proper care on their plants. Once delivered, we hold no full responsibilities onto the products anymore. 

     If customers were unhappy or unsatisfied with the products that they received, please do contact us within 48 hours of delivery and we will do our best to make the situation right.

We will handle this based on the situations to have a win-win situation:

  • We can offer a refund for any damaged plants if the plants were proved to be our fault.
  • We can offer the best advice to help you fix your problems.
  • We can offer some service (chargeable or free-of-charge) to help you fix it.

     We value our customers and we would love to get feedbacks on how we could improve our services! Of course, do contact us if you have any enquiries or issues that needs attention! We love our terrariums, and we will do whatever we need to make sure our "babies" are in good hands!