How to care for Succulents in a Plant Pot - 5 Tips

Give enough sunlight

  • For potted plants, morning or evening sun will be best for these plants if you keep them outdoor. However, if you keep them indoor, you might want to look for a brightly lit area for your potted plant.
  • If you're keeping your plants in an open terrarium, please do not put your terrariums at direct sun as the sunlight will be magnified through the glass and you'll end up torching your plants. Keep your terrariums indoor, best at a brightly lit location.


Water adequately with the right way

  • Water through soaking the potted plants in a dish of water.
  • Avoid excessive watering and to allow the soil to completely dries out in between watering. Overwatering is one of the main cause of root rot which leads to plant death.


Using the right pot & soil mix

  • Make sure there's a good drainage for your potted succulents/cactus. You can do so by using pot with drainage hole underneath.
  • You can also use good drainage soil which promotes good aeration and evaporation. Usually good drainage soil are coarser than regular soil and dries up faster.



  • Even low maintenance desert plants can benefit from fertilisation. 
  • Follow the instruction of your fertiliser and fertilise a few times a year to boost the growth of your succulents and cactuses. Every fertiliser would have their own guide on the amount to apply.


Inspect your plants regularly

  • Plants often get infestations of bugs if their immune system is compromised. This happens usually when the plants is not placed in an optimal environment.
  • Examine your succulents and cactuses regularly to look for pests and bugs.
  • Try shifting your plants into a better environment, best an airy and brightly lit location.