Care For Terrariums
Terrariums are surprisingly easy to take care! Light and Water is the two main things you have to watch out.
1. Light
  • For placing terrariums, you will need indirect light, which means anywhere in your space that has light, be it near windows away from the sun or bright artificial light (Great for Offices!).
  • Terrariums are like mini greenhouse, placing them in direct sunlight will magnify the sunlight and cook the plants.


2. Water

  • Closed terrariums usually only needs water once every month, this differs for different terrariums.
  • Huge droplets of condensation indicates overwatering and you will have to leave the lid open for the water to evaporate.
  • Maintain a moist, humid environment with your lids on, but NEVER OVERWATER! Give it a good misting only when condensation stops forming on the interior of the glass.
  • Leave the lid off after watering for half an hour, wait until the foliage is dry before replacing the lid.
  • Remember, too much water can be worse than too little, so Resist the urge to water them! You can water them with filtered, rain or distilled water to help keep your moss nice and green.


3. Additional Care/tips

  • It is also beneficial to open the lid of the terrarium once a month for an hour or an afternoon to let in fresh air.
  • Trim off leaves as the plants grow if they touched the glass so they won’t turn brown.
  • Remove any dead leaves or foliage whenever it is present as it could attract mould and fungus. If fungus is present, remove straight away with a tissue and leave the lid off overnight.

Every Terrarium has its own personalities and characteristic! Each one of them are handcrafted and unique on its own! You have to be cool enough to own one of them for sure! 

At the end of the day, terrariums are filled with life plants and is not destined to live forever. If any element of the terrariums dies within your best care, it may just be a cycle of life. You can always replace them with new plants of the same needs.
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If you have any further queries in regards to your terrariums care, feel free to contact to ask us anything and we will try our best to help you!